Fruit Farm Worker table grapes – level 5 Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship

Fairview Orchards welcomes individuals with a passion for agriculture to join our team as Fruit Farm Workers, specializing in table grapes at Level 5. We are proud to offer visa sponsorship for eligible candidates, providing an opportunity to work in Australia’s vibrant agricultural sector. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices and diversity in our workforce makes us a sought-after employer in the field.

Job Details:

  • Position: Fruit Farm Worker table grapes – level 5 Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship
  • Location: Far North Queensland QLD
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Part-Time, Permanent
  • Industry: Agriculture and Farming
  • Salary: 7,570 Australian dollars (AUD) per month
  • Country: Australia

Job Overview

As a Fruit Farm Worker at Fairview Orchards, you will be at the heart of our table grape production. This role involves hands-on work in vineyards, ensuring the growth and harvesting of high-quality table grapes. It’s a unique opportunity to experience Australian agriculture while contributing to our mission of delivering top-tier produce to consumers.


Key responsibilities for this role include:

  • Vineyard Maintenance: Caring for grapevines, including pruning, trellising, and pest management.
  • Harvesting: Picking grapes at the peak of ripeness to maintain quality.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring grapes meet the highest standards for taste and appearance.
  • Team Collaboration: Working alongside a diverse team of farm workers.
  • Safety Compliance: Adhering to all safety regulations in the workplace.


To be eligible for this role, candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Legal Work Authorization: Eligibility for visa sponsorship for non-Australian residents.
  • Age Criteria: Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Language Proficiency: Basic understanding of English for effective communication.
  • Physical Fitness: Ability to perform physically demanding tasks in an outdoor environment.
  • Passion for Farming: A genuine interest in agriculture and a strong work ethic.

Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent: Preferred but not mandatory.
  • Farming Experience: Previous experience in farming or agriculture is advantageous but not required.


Working as a Fruit Farm Worker at Fairview Orchards offers several benefits:

  • Competitive Compensation: Attractive remuneration in line with industry standards.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Assistance with visa processes for eligible international candidates.
  • Accommodation: Support in finding suitable accommodation.
  • Cultural Experience: An opportunity to immerse yourself in Australian culture.
  • Training: Comprehensive training to ensure success in your role.

How to Apply

To apply for the Fruit Farm Worker position, please visit the Official website. Our user-friendly online application process will guide you through the steps.


Fairview Orchards invites enthusiastic individuals to become part of our Fruit Farm Worker team, specializing in table grapes at Level 5. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices, visa sponsorship, and a diverse workforce make us an employer of choice in Australia’s agricultural industry. Join us and be a part of producing premium table grapes for the world.

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