Sarafina Musaine

Experienced administrator
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • September 28, 2023

I am a highly motivated and adaptable professional with a strong background in health service management and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of my work. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Service Management from Kenyatta University, I have gained a solid foundation in general management, health records and information, human resources, health finance, and various healthcare services.

My career journey has equipped me with a diverse skill set and valuable experience in different roles. As an Office Administrator at Bristal Corporation Insurance Agencies, I excel in communication and organization, ensuring efficient client interactions, policy renewals, and motor insurance processing. I am known for my ability to handle emails and calls with precision and professionalism.

During my tenure as a Hospital Administrator and Marketing professional at St. Ernest Hospital, I demonstrated proficiency in general management, human resource management, health records, and procurement. I effectively contributed to marketing efforts, emphasizing my versatile skill set.

My experience as an Atachee at Kajiado County Referral Hospital allowed me to play a pivotal role in the administration of healthcare services. I oversaw health finances, managed human resources, and ensured efficient health information management. Additionally, I actively participated in leadership, governance, and partnership structures and managed medical products, vaccines, and technology.

My educational background, coupled with my practical experience, has honed my decision-making and problem-solving skills, enabling me to make timely and well-considered decisions. I possess excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and I actively listen and provide prompt feedback. My analytical abilities empower me to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for enhancement.

Moreover, I am highly skilled in time management, prioritizing tasks effectively to meet deadlines. My adaptability shines through in my ability to work well under pressure and embrace changes in the workplace. Proficiency in computer applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and internet usage, enhances my ability to work efficiently in a digital environment.

In summary, I am a dedicated and hardworking professional seeking new opportunities to apply my knowledge and skills. I am enthusiastic about contributing to the success of an ambitious and reputable organization, continuing to learn, grow, and make a meaningful impact in the field of health service management.

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Pathway to Care Programme: Module A - Adult Social care Training. @ Florence Academy
Jun 2023 — Jun 2023

1. Care needs assessment.
2. Care plan.
3. Formal and informal care.
4. Multi-Disciplinary Team [ MDTs].
5. Types of Adult care.
6. Care regulators.

Certificate in computer proficiency training @ Jamtech Computer Services
Apr 2023 — May 2023

1. Introduction to computer application.
2. Microsoft Word.
3. Microsoft Publisher.
4. Microsoft Excel.
5. Microsoft Power point.
6. Internet.
7. Graphic Paint.
8. Data base.
10. Software installation.

Certificate in HIV - Awareness and Prevention @ Allison
Apr 2022 — Apr 2023

1. The spread of HIV and AIDS.
2. The impact of AIDS in different countries.
3. Thailand’s AIDS Education programme.
4. Misconceptions about HIV and AIDS.
5. Ways to protect yourself from HIV infection.
6. Ways to spread awareness, prevention and control of AIDS

Bachelor of Science in Health Service Management @ Kenyatta university
Aug 2017 — Dec 2021

1. General management.
2. Management of health records and information.
3. Management of human resources.
4. Management of health finance.
5. Management of mortuary services.
6. Management of hospital products, vaccines, and technology.


Office administrator @ Bristal Corporation Insurance Agencies
Sep 2022 — Current

1. Sending and responding to emails and calls.
2. Reminding clients about policy renewals.
3. Organizing for motor vehicle evaluation.
4. Processing motor insurance. Attending to walk-in clients.

Hospital administrator and Marketing @ St. Ernest hospital
Mar 2022 — Jun 2022

1. General management.
2. Marketing.
3. Human resource.
4. Health records. Procurement

Attachee @ Kajiado County Referral Hospital
Jun 2021 — Sep 2021

1. General Administration.
2. Organization of Health Services.
3. Management of Health Finances.
4. Management of Human Resources.
5. Management of Health Information.
6. Management of Mortuary Services.
7. Leadership, Governance and Partnership structures.
8. Medical products, vaccines and Technology.

Waitress and housekeeping @ Hotel Enkeleshe
Jun 2019 — Aug 2019

1. Waitress.
2. Housekeeping.
3. Front desk.
4. Customer care

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