Fruit Farming Labourer Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Seven Mountain Vineyards, nestled among Canada’s premier winemaking regions, is inviting passionate individuals to join their team as Fruit Farming Labourers. This role provides a unique opportunity to be immersed in the art of viticulture and understand the nuances of grape cultivation in Canada’s pristine vineyard settings. Significantly, this position comes bundled with the promise of visa sponsorship, opening doors for international candidates to be part of Canada’s esteemed winemaking tradition.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Engage actively in the planting, training, and pruning of grape vines.
  • Assist in the vital process of grape harvesting, ensuring grapes are picked at their optimal ripeness.
  • Operate essential vineyard equipment like tractors, trellises, and irrigation systems.
  • Engage in soil preparation and maintenance to ensure ideal grape cultivation conditions.
  • Monitor the health and growth of vines, swiftly reporting any signs of diseases or pests.
  • Adhere to established protocols for the application of fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring the grapes’ organic integrity.
  • Ensure tidiness and upkeep of the vineyard environment.
  • Work closely with fellow labourers and supervisors to maintain a harmonious and efficient working atmosphere.

Job Requirements:

  • Previous experience in viticulture, horticulture, or similar agricultural sectors is an asset.
  • Physical capability for demanding tasks, including lifting, prolonged standing, and working under varying climatic conditions.
  • Basic understanding of grape varieties and their cultivation requirements.
  • A meticulous approach, ensuring the highest quality of grape production.
  • Ability to work seamlessly within a team and exhibit strong communication skills.

Education and Qualification:

  • While formal education is not mandatory, a high school diploma or equivalent is beneficial.
  • Specialized training or certifications in viticulture or related agricultural fields will be considered an advantage.


  • Visa sponsorship for eligible international applicants.
  • Competitive compensation package.
  • On-site accommodation possibilities.
  • Health and wellness benefits.
  • Learning opportunities from experts in the vineyard and winemaking sectors.
  • Employee discounts on Seven Mountain Vineyards wine products.

Salary Range:

Depending on the specific role, location, and the candidate’s experience level, Fruit Farming Labourers at Seven Mountain Vineyards can expect a salary range from CAD $27,000 to CAD $42,000 annually.

How to Apply:

Potential candidates are encouraged to visit Seven Mountain Vineyards’ official careers page,, to explore current job openings and apply online. Including relevant certifications, testimonials, and a comprehensive resume can elevate the application’s potential.


Being a Fruit Farming Labourer at Seven Mountain Vineyards in Canada, coupled with the added benefit of visa sponsorship, offers a unique chance to dive deep into the world of viticulture. From the budding of vines in spring to the magic of harvest in the fall, the role promises a fulfilling journey through the seasons of winemaking. If you’re enthusiastic about grapes, wines, and the stories they tell, Seven Mountain Vineyards awaits your expertise.

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Employer Name: Seven Mountain Vineyards
Job Type: Freelance
Location: Gellatly
Country: Canada

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