Cover Letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa New Examples 2022

Are you writing a cover letter for UK seasonal work visa to apply for temporary, seasonal agriculture jobs in the UK? So here, you will get a more professional example of a UK format cover letter.

Use this cover letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa. It will make the employer see your profession quicker than other employees and help to get the job quickly.

It has been found that most employees who have gone to the UK on a seasonal work visa have written their cover letter in this format, the European format cover letter.

What is Cover Letter?

A Cover Letter or a resume is a document in which you present a description of your details, such as academic qualifications, certification, and professional experience – when you apply for a job. It’s a brief outline about yourself, telling what sort of position you are applying for and explaining why you are the best candidate for that position.

A cover letter is a great way to show potential employers why you’re the best fit for the job.

What Information to include with UK Seasonal cover letter?

Your cover letter isn’t a resume, so don’t simply repeat what’s on your resume. Your cover letter should explain how you’ve used skills that were listed on your resume in the past to help illuminate for the employer the value you would bring to the job!

Please find below a guide to things you can include in your Cover Letter when applying for a UK Seasonal Work visa.

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Cover Letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa Examples

Cover Letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa

Download the Cover Letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa format and edit it:

Bonus: UK Seasonal Cover Letter

Cell (123) 1234567890
[email protected]

July 20, 2022

Mr. John or Hr Manager
Company Name
Company Address

Subject: Application for job position General farm worker

Mr. John OR Dear Sir / Madam

I am interested in the farm worker position with XYZ Company. And I have the experience and skills needed to be the best person for this job.

I have three years of experience working on a farm, where I learned how to use various farm equipment. I am mechanically inclined with the ability to perform general maintenance on the equipment to help keep them in good working condition. This helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment, which in turn will save you money. My experience also includes planting and harvesting crops. I am familiar with the ideal planting times for the different types of crops, and I am very familiar with irrigating systems. I can inspect the systems and perform general maintenance to keep them working efficiently. I also have experience mixing fertilizers and preparing insecticide solutions to help yield more crops.

I am confident that I can bring this level of success with me to your reputed company. I believe my contribution will have an immediate impact on the business.

I want to request you consider my resume. You can reach me for an interview by calling +000 00000000, and I hope to meet with you soon to discuss the details of this position in person.

Yours Sincerely,


Your Name

UK Cover Letter Writing Tips

Think of your Cover Letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa as a brief advertisement to a farm employer. Highlights the skills, experience, and achievements that make you stand out from other applicants.

Make sure the Cover Letter for UK Seasonal Work Visa is easy to read, concise, clear, simple language, and well structured with short paragraphs.

Recruiters have busy schedules and may need to read hundreds of applications – so the application should be clear and concise and not exceed two pages. This way, recruiters don’t need to spend half an hour trying to read through something that might not even be relevant to them!

There’s no need to make the sentences full of flowery language when a short and succinct presentation is just as good and easily understood. is the place for jobseekers to find the latest, recent jobs opportunities career news and advice to get better jobs for bright future.

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